2ND EDITION OF LEGAL RESOURCE IN SCHOOL HEALTH                                                        SERVICES
The perfect resource for an understandable summary of the regulatory, medical, administrative and legal problems arising from a challenge to the delivery, non-delivery or questionable delivery of healthcare services or implementation of school safety policies or procedures. 

• Section 504/IDEA
• Minors Rights
• Legal proceedings and refusals
• Noncompliant, non-responsive on health issues
• Federal laws
• Medication administration and delegation
• Professional licensure
• Malpractice and lawsuits
• Mental health
Communicable Disease Management,
Active Shooter,
Substance Abuse Screenings,
Conducting and Suicide/Threatening Harm
and many others...

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Table of Contents

Each chapter was meticulously researched, written, and peer-reviewed by education and nurse attorneys; expert school nurses and school nurse leaders; and nationally prominent school nurse administrators. Of particular use to nurses and attorneys is the in-depth coverage of national standards and law -- state statutes -- nurse practice acts -- local school policy -- civil and criminal liability -- legal references -- case law -- and other valuable resources and references---all useful in building their case.

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